READY, SET, SUMMER! Simplify your August beauty routine and see how our Scottsdale associates keep their skin fresh and hydrated.
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Love loves our best-selling BAMBOO LEMONGRASS FOAMING BODY SCRUB, so you can show off your summer skin! She recommends using it before self-tanning to slough away dry, dead skin cells and ensure an even application of the tanning product.
Wendy suggests trying our HONEY MOISTURE MASK WITH PROPOLIS EXTRACT to hydrate skin that's been over-exposed to wind, pollutants or sun. And, she suggests using moisturizers for the face and neck on other delicate areas, like your shoulders and décolletage.'
Roberta recommends applying our DAILY DEFENSE FACIAL SUNSCREEN, every day, no excuses! To keep delicate facial skin refreshed, hydrated and cool on-the-go. Roberta also keeps our BULGARIAN ROSE PHYTONUTRIENT ELIXIR in her bag.
Lynda loves our SEA KELP & GINSENG ALL-OVER MASK to soothe redness and coll sunburned skin. Perfect for year-round hydration, Lynda says this multi-tasking mask makes a great hair conditioner and styling product, too!