Everything You Need to Know About Caviar Lime

You don’t live a dull life… so why settle for dull skin? If you’ve noticed your complexion has been a little lackluster lately, take action by switching up your skincare routine. While there are many noteworthy ingredients to consider, one, in particular, should be on your radar—and that’s caviar lime (sounds luxe, doesn’t it?).

What Exactly Is Caviar Lime?

Microcitrus australasica, more commonly referred to as the finger lime plant, is a large shrub native to Australia. It grows naturally in the rainforests of northern New South Wales and South East Queensland. The citrus fruit produced from this shrub is called caviar lime and it comes in many different colors, including green, red, orange, yellow, purple and black. What makes the fruit unique is the shape of the pulp found inside. Though the outside looks like a small cucumber, each caviar lime is filled with small translucent pearls that look just like caviar, which explains the name! Each one of these pearl-like beads is loaded with a tart and tangy flavor.

Caviar lime is typically harvested from late December to June. Once the fruit has been harvested, the citrus pearls inside can be extracted and used as needed. Currently, demand is on the rise for this commercial crop, as there are many ways to utilize it. For instance, it is part of food production (caviar limes are used to make marmalade, pickles and garnishes – and can even be used to add flavor to alcoholic beverages), is consumed (this is considered a gourmet food in the Australian bush) and is incorporated into skincare products (since it is high in organic acids). The versatility of this citrus fruit makes it a must-have for food and beauty lovers alike.

The Exceptional Skincare Benefits of Caviar Lime

Anyone interested in achieving skin that looks and feels good may want to consider products that list caviar lime as an ingredient. There are many reasons for this, but one of the most noteworthy is the fact that it works as a gentle exfoliant. A clinical study on caviar limes and their exfoliating benefits found that because caviar lime fruit extract contains natural AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids), it’s able to gently and effectively exfoliate the skin, resulting in a smoother and brighter appearance. The study also noted the results occurred quickly and additional benefits included an improvement in skin texture and overall appearance.

Another benefit to consider is the high concentration of Vitamin C found in caviar limes. This is important, as Vitamin C has long been linked to skin improvements such as increased collagen production and tissue healing as well as its ability to slow down signs of aging and even out uneven pigmentation. A study published in the Indian Dermatology Online Journal explored the role of vitamin C in dermatology and found that used topically, Vitamin C is able to deliver desirable effects and has an excellent safety record.

Caviar limes are also beneficial for those looking for added hydration. Those dealing with dry or flaky skin should consider the following: caviar limes can actually improve moisture content. Since they’re rich in Vitamin E, these fruits help the skin retain moisture and neutralize skin-damaging free radicals. According to research from Oregon State University, some studies indicate that topical application of Vitamin E can “improve skin water-binding capacity after two to four weeks of use.” With benefits ranging from smoother skin to increased collagen production and increased moisture, it’s no wonder caviar limes are becoming more sought after than ever before!

How to Use Caviar Limes

There are many reasons to make caviar lime a part of your regular skincare routine. If you’re looking to put this citrus fruit to good use, there are a few options to consider. The first is to cut open a caviar lime, scoop out the seeds and make a paste. Spread this paste directly onto the skin, leave it for a few minutes and rinse off thoroughly.

Another idea is to reach for the LATHER Caviar Lime AHA Cleansing Crème. This is a rich foaming cleanser that exfoliates, cleanses and brightens the skin by combining the AHAs found in caviar limes with other beneficial ingredients like meadowfoam seed oil (which is ultra moisturizing) and sodium hyaluronate (an ingredient that plumps and hydrates the skin). Simply place a small amount of the product onto your hand and add warm water. Rub your hands together to create a foamy lather, massage the foam onto the skin, rinse, and towel dry to remove any excess moisture. Before you know it, your skin will be squeaky clean and oh-so-gorgeous.